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Spectra Eye Hospital is a renowned eye care center situated in Kolkata, West Bengal. The hospital is affiliated with the West Bengal Police Health Scheme, a state-level health insurance scheme designed for police employees and pensioners. In this article, we will explore the hospital's association with the WB Police Health Scheme, the process of accessing its benefits, eligibility criteria, rate chart applicable under the scheme, cashless treatment limit, and frequently asked questions.

Affiliation with WB Police Health Scheme: Spectra Eye Hospital is one of the empaneled healthcare facilities under the WB Police Health Scheme. As a result, beneficiaries of this scheme can receive cashless treatment for eye-related conditions and surgeries at Spectra Eye Hospital. The hospital offers a comprehensive range of eye care services, including cataract surgery, glaucoma treatment, cornea-related treatments, and dry eye treatment.

What is the eligibility for WB POLICE Health Scheme benefits at Spectra Eye Hospital?

Step 1: Enrolment Certificate and Photocopies - Before visiting Spectra Eye Hospital, ensure you possess your valid WB POLICE enrolment certificate. Carry the original certificate along with self-attested photocopies when you come to the hospital for treatment.

Step 2: Registering at the Hospital Reception - Upon arrival, present all the necessary documents, including the enrolment certificate photocopies, at our hospital reception. Our staff will assist in the registration process and collect the required documents for consultation purposes. You will be eligible for discounted rates for your consultation.

Step 3: Discounted Investigations - If our ophthalmologists recommend any investigations, you will be charged discounted rates as per the W.B Police guidelines. Rest assured, you will receive top-notch eye care services at affordable prices.

Step 4: Cashless Eye Surgery Process - If the need for an eye Surgery arises, follow these steps:

a) Confirm Surgery Date: Get in touch with our Hospital's authorized personnel to schedule the surgery date.
b) Prepare Documents: On the day of surgery, bring all necessary documents, including ophthalmologist's prescriptions, investigation reports, and your enrolment certificate with a valid ID proof (AADHAR CARD / VOTER CARD).
c) Complete Cashless Surgery: After providing the photocopies of all valid documents, your eye surgery will be fully cashless.

Procedures and Treatments covered at West Bengal POLICE Empanelled Eye Hospitals in Kolkata

Spectra Eye Hospital is an West Bengal Health Scheme empaneled eye hospital, each providing its unique set of facilities and procedures. In this article, we will explore the primary services offered, ensuring comprehensive eye care for patients.

  1. OPD SERVICES: W.B POLICE empaneled eye hospitals in Kolkata offer a wide range of outpatient services, catering to various eye conditions. These services include: Cataract surgery, Retina and Vitreous treatment, Cornea-related treatments, Glaucoma management, Pediatric eye care, Refractive eye procedures and Orbit & Oculoplasty treatments.
  2. IPD SERVICES: The Inpatient Department (IPD) at W.B POLICE empaneled eye hospitals primarily caters to surgical patients. Patients can be admitted for surgery by prior appointment or in case of emergencies. It is important to note that the IPD exclusively deals with eye-related cases and not general medical conditions.
When seeking eye care services in Kolkata, W.B POLICE empaneled eye hospitals provide comprehensive OPD and IPD services, ensuring top-notch treatment for various eye ailments. Whether you require outpatient consultations or surgical interventions, these hospitals are well-equipped to meet your needs with specialized care and attention.

How to find WB POLICE Empaneled Eye Hospital in Kolkata?

If you are searching for a West Bengal Police empanelled eye hospital in Kolkata, Spectra Eye Hospital is a reliable option. With a rich experience of over 20 years, Spectra Eye Hospital is well-known for providing top-notch eye healthcare services. This hospital is part of the WB Police health scheme and ensures that patients receive the best possible care for their vision needs.

Along with Spectra Eye Hospital, there are also other empaneled eye hospitals in Kolkata that are affiliated with the West Bengal Police health scheme, offering specialized eye care treatments. To find the empanelled eye hospital, you can visit the official website of the West Bengal Police or directly contact the health department of the WB Police. They will provide you with the necessary information and guidance on how to locate the empaneled eye hospital nearest to your location in Kolkata.

Why should WB Police Employee card holders SELECT SPECTRA EYE HOSPITAL?

In the realm of ophthalmology, the Spectra Eye Hospital has proudly served not only Indians but also international patients for over a quarter of a century. We deliver comprehensive ocular care for all age groups, utilizing the most advanced equipment and cutting-edge technology, under the care of our skilled physicians. Our primary focus is to deliver top-quality treatments that are economically accessible. Therefore, if you are a holder of a West Bengal Police Employee card and are confronted with any kind of ocular concern, the Spectra Eye Hospital remains at your service, seven days per week. Moreover, amongst the limited number of eye hospitals in Kolkata which are accredited with the W.B Police, the Spectra Eye Hospital is undoubtedly the premier institution.

What is the benefits of the West Bengal Cashless Medical Treatment (Eye Surgery)?

The West Bengal Police Health Scheme Cashless Treatment offers several benefits to individuals seeking eye surgery.

Firstly, the cashless system allows patients to be treated without the need for immediate payment, which can be a significant financial burden for many people. This ensures that individuals can access the treatment they need without worrying about the cost.

Additionally, the cashless system simplifies the administrative process for both patients and healthcare providers. It eliminates the need for individuals to file reimbursement claims and reduces the paperwork burden on healthcare facilities. Moreover, this system promotes transparency and accountability in medical treatment as all transactions are recorded electronically, minimizing the risk of fraud or misuse of funds.

Overall, the West Bengal Police health scheme provides individuals with financial relief, improves access to medical services, and streamlines the administrative process, making eye surgery more efficient and accessible for employees of West Bengal Police.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

  • In the field of Ophthalmology, comprehensive eye examination may sometimes require a substantial amount of time. However, to minimize the waiting period, we begin the eye examination process immediately after registration.

  • In accordance with the guidelines set forth by the West Bengal Police, the regulations for all eye hospitals within West Bengal that are associated with the WB Police are nearly identical.
    1. There are charges for doctor consultations.
    2. Any investigations related to eye conditions incur charges.
    3. Only eye surgeries are entirely cashless.
    NOTE: WB Police patients are responsible for all previously mentioned costs, which are however offered at discounted rates.

  • Consider this: It's not just about being the best, it's about fairness, evaluation, scores and journey. Based on the feedback and ratings given by our patients, we at Spectra Eye Hospital, have accumulated over 25 years of expertise. Taking into account all these factors, the Spectra Eye Hospital stands out as one of the outstanding eye hospitals affiliated with WB POLICE in Kolkata. Considering the feedback and ratings from our patients, we boast of our extensive experience spanning over a period of 25 years. These aspects contribute to making us, the 'Spectra Eye Hospital', stand out as one of the finest eye hospitals in Kolkata, corroborated by our affiliation with the WB Police.

  • At the Spectra Eye Hospital, we specialize solely in the field of Ophthalmology, thus only providing services related to eye treatments. Adhering to the guidelines issued by the West Bengal Police, the Spectra Eye Hospital in West Bengal is affiliated with the West Bengal Police, is required to treat all patients with pre-existing ocular conditions or complications.

  • Yes, Spectra Eye Hospital is affiliated with the West Bengal Police Health Scheme.


Under this health scheme, beneficiaries are classified into two broad groups, namely serving police personnel and retired police personnel, including their dependents. This classification ensures that everyone who is associated with the police department in West Bengal can avail the benefits of this scheme, thereby making it an inclusive initiative.

The beneficiaries are required to register themselves in the Health Scheme Portal to be eligible for the scheme. Once registered, the beneficiaries need to get a referral from a recognized police hospital or a West Bengal government hospital.

In the case of Spectra Eye Hospital, upon arrival, the beneficiary has to produce his/her Health Card and Referral Letter at the reception. Upon approval, the beneficiary can avail the cashless treatment facility for eye-related ailments. There may be certain diseases for which there is a treatment limit, and if the cost exceeds that limit, the extra amount will have to be borne by the beneficiary. The police department in West Bengal has applauded the effectiveness of this health scheme as it has reduced the burden of medical expenses on its personnel. If any queries related to the scheme, beneficiaries can seek information from the respective police welfare offices or directly from the Health Scheme Portal. The prompt and efficient service of this scheme is a testimony to the commendable work done by the West Bengal government in healthcare for its police personnel.


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