About Spectra Eye Hospital

Spectra Eye Hospital is a state of the art eye center catering to a majority of eye care problems. It is mentioned as one of the best eye hospitals in Kolkata and has progressed to become a super-speciality eye hospital with clinics in Madhyamgram named Spectra Eye Foundation and another new clinic at Spectra Eye Hospital.

The most important aspect of the center is the quality of doctors' surgical expertise, which is among the best in his specializations. Out of hundreds of eye-care facilities in the Kolkata region, Spectra Eye Foundation is amongst a handful of centers capable of performing a few latest surgical techniques. Further, the paramedical staff includes highly experienced optometrists, OT technicians, and ophthalmic nurses. Furthermore, the center is managed professionally.

Spectra Eye Hospital was founded in 2001 to make world-class healthcare available at highly affordable prices. This should address the need for a broad cross-section of society, which is currently left with the difficult choice between:
- World-class but very highly-priced
- Reasonably priced but highly compromised healthcare.

The center has created a strong recognition in the satellite townships of Madhyamgram, Barasat, etc. The vision is to extend this to the entire city in a couple of years and simultaneously offer medical tourist services. Finally, the center is governed by its core values of Competence, Commitment, and Collaboration. They are committed to providing best-in-class eye care at affordable prices, as per the center's mission. And finally, the team is keen to collaborate with any individual or organization with similar values and mission to enhance the circle of positive influence further.


Spectra Eye Hospital is a super speciality eye hospital, recognized by NABH. It is situated in Kolkata at Chinar Park and Madhyamgram.
Our VISION is to provide perfection and compassion in our services to our trusted patients with complete care.


From the very first day Spectra Eye Hospital, Kolkata, has a sincere mission to eliminate needless blindness and work for all those people who don’t have access to quality eye care. To provide for those who cannot afford to have cataract or glaucoma surgeries, or have eyeglasses.

We have been working hard to be the center of perfection in Kolkata by providing quality eye care of the highest levels with experience, proficiency, and care. We have been utilizing the most advanced technologies, procedures, and ethical practice in ophthalmology.

In short, Spectra Eye Hospital aspires to implement the best eye care hospitalization in Kolkata that is affordable to all with the guidance of advanced technologies and educating, training and rehabilitating for incurable eye diseases.

Why Spectra Eye Hospital ?

Since its inception, Spectra Eye Hospital has been delivering protocolized medical care to OPD and IPD patients.

A group of highly qualified and experienced ophthalmic surgeons backed by trained Nurses and technicians has been dedicated to providing standardized patient care services at an affordable cost.

Core Values

Patient First: To implement the highest quality at Spectra Eye Hospital, the most technologically superior and constant multidisciplinary care in a modular OT environment where the safety, honor, and comfort of each patient are its peak. In delivering patients the best eye care in Kolkata, Spectra Eye will strive to accommodate an error-free environment.

Staff: To value support in the skills of our doctors, assistants, and aides to serve those trusted to our Spectra Eye Hospital and to provide a licensed practice environment that helps us to sustain a NABH accredited eye hospital in Kolkata.

Creating The Next Gen (Eye-Care Education): To develop highly qualified, well-trained physicians/surgeons, Spectra Eye Hospital, Kolkata, has regular medical internship training, stipends, and recommencing medical education with the most advanced minimally invasive surgical techniques for simple and complicated conditions.

Maintaining Community Health: To serve as a community reserve through an ongoing range of gatherings, seminars, online events, free eye checkup camps/health screenings, and distributing knowledge to the society are regularly done at Spectra Eye Hospital.

Fiscal Responsibility: To carry out all these projects in a financially efficient manner to assure Spectra Eye Hospital's continued vigor and viability as a provider of super-specialty eye health care services while striving towards patient satisfaction by constant development in the method to assure better eye care in Kolkata.


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