Core Values

Patient First: To implement the highest quality at Spectra Eye Hospital, the most technologically superior and constant multidisciplinary care in a modular OT environment where the safety, honor, and comfort of each patient are its peak. In delivering patients the best eye care in Kolkata, Spectra Eye will strive to accommodate an error-free environment.

Maintaining Community Health: To serve as a community reserve through an ongoing range of gatherings, seminars, online events, free eye checkup camps/health screenings, and distributing knowledge to the society are regularly done at Spectra Eye Hospital.

Staff: To value support in the skills of our doctors, assistants, and aides to serve those trusted to our Spectra Eye Hospital and to provide a licensed practice environment that helps us to sustain a NABH accredited eye hospital in Kolkata.

Fiscal Responsibility: To carry out all these projects in a financially efficient manner to assure Spectra Eye Hospital's continued vigor and viability as a provider of super-specialty eye health care services while striving towards patient satisfaction by constant development in the method to assure better eye care in Kolkata.

Creating The Next Gen (Eye-Care Education): To develop highly qualified, well-trained physicians/surgeons, Spectra Eye Hospital, Kolkata, has regular medical internship training, stipends, and recommencing medical education with the most advanced minimally invasive surgical techniques for simple and complicated conditions.


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