Dr. Anuradha Chandra

Location: Chinar Park


  • Cataract & IOL Specialist
  • Pediatric Ophthalmology
  • Dry Eye Specialist
  • General Ophthalmology
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Uvea & Ocular Inflammation
  • Squint & Orthoptics
  • Neuro - Ophthalmology

    Qualification & Experience

    Dr. Anuradha Chandra is an ophthalmologist with subspecialty training in paediatric ophthalmology, strabismus, and neuro-ophthalmology, in addition to cataract surgery. She completed her residency for her Master's degree at the Regional Institute of Ophthalmology in Kolkata and her senior residency at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi.

    1. Pediatric cataract surgery, including lensectomy, phacoaspiration, implantation of a foldable IOL, posterior capsulorrhexis, and anterior vitrectomy
    2. PEDIATRIC GLAUCOMA SURGERY: Trabeculotomy with trabeculectomy, Ahmed valve glaucoma implant surgery
    3. ALL types of Strabismus surgery, including obliques, paralytic squints, and restrictive squints
    4. ADULT GLAUCOMA SURGERY: Trabeculectomy using MMC and valve surgery
    5. PHACOEMULSIFICATION Surgery is also done
    Senior Residency Surgical Expertise:
    1. Phacoemulsification in challenging situations and when receiving topical anaesthetic
    2. There have been 164 cases of squint procedures (recession-resections), along with over 20 inferior oblique surgeries and 4 superior oblique surgeries.
    3. Six cases involved adjustable squint procedures.
    4. Trabeculectomies based on fornix for adult glaucoma ( more than 45).
    5. Trabeculectomies based on fornix for adult glaucoma ( more than 45). 5. Trabeculotomy combined with trabeculectomy in patients with congenital glaucoma ( 12 cases)
    6. Implanting AGVs in adults with refractory glaucoma (4 cases)
    7. Bleb modification (2 cases)
    She has seen firsthand the severe lack of paediatric eye care resources in both urban and rural locations. Her greatest hope is to collaborate with other eye centres in West Bengal and the eastern area of Kolkata to establish a referral system that will ensure that no child will go blind from treatable causes of blindness.

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