Dr. Dipa Saha

MBBS, MD, DO (RIO, Kolkata), FICO (UK), MRCS (Edinburgh)
Location: Chinar Park


      Qualification & Experience

      You've found the ideal clinic if you're looking for the most excellent eye doctor in Kolkata. Spectra Eye Hospital offers a wide range of ophthalmic services to offer the best care, education, and treatment for better vision. One of Kolkata's top ophthalmologists, Dr. Dipa Saha, has joined Spectra Eye Hospital to offer you the best care with straightforward methods. For everyone to be able to receive the proper care, we are also making sure that each of our therapies is affordable. In addition, understanding the importance of eye conditions and receiving timely treatment might help to prevent further problems.

      Dr. Dipa Saha has partnered with Kolkata's top eye doctor to provide advanced treatment options for vision problems. We must provide the highest standard of care to our patients, even those whose diabetes is causing them to have vision loss.

      Our eye clinic provides the following services.

      Eye exams are routine, as are procedures like cataract surgery and diabetic retinotherapy. Include:
      • Neuro-Ophthalmology
      • Glaucoma Treatment
      Our eye clinic is also equipped to handle trauma cases. Schedule a visit in advance to ensure prompt and thorough examination. Please make an appointment by phoning or emailing us.

      Regarding eye care, diabetic patients have a complete resource in Spectra Eye Hospital. Several different types of eye disorders are common among diabetic people. We provide with the best eye doctor in Kolkata, a low-cost medical center, where you may get the care you need without breaking the bank.

      You may schedule an appointment at Spectra Eye Hospital with Kolkata's top eye doctor.

      In terms of eye treatment, Spectra Eye Hospital has you covered with the top eye doctor in Kolkata at a price that won't hurt your wallet. If you or your adored ones are having trouble seeing, we have state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge equipment for eye exams and surgical procedures. In addition, we offer advanced treatment options thanks to our innovative medical staff.

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