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Our vision is a priceless gift, enabling you to experience the world in all its vivid colors and intricate details. However, as we age, this invaluable gift can sometimes be clouded by cataracts, one of the most common eye conditions affecting crores of individuals. Cataracts develop when the clear and transparent lens of the eye gradually becomes cloudy and unclear, leading to a significant decline in visual acuity. If you are in Kolkata and facing the effects of cataracts, rest assured that you are not alone.

In this article, we will delve into the realm of cataracts and explore the cost of different components of cataract surgery in Kolkata, shedding light on the factors that influence these expenses. Cataract surgery is the only way to break up the cloudy lens and replace it with an artificial lens called an intraocular lens, restoring your near vision and daily activities. As the most prevalent eye disease among adults, cataracts can be a source of concern and discomfort. To make informed decisions about your eye care, you need to get in touch with experienced eye specialists, including cataract surgeons. Let's embark on our journey into the world of cataract surgery in Kolkata and discover how to protect your vision and enhance your quality of life.

What is cataract surgery?

Cataract surgery is a prevalent eye treatment procedure that involves the removal of the clouded lens from the eye and its replacement with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL). This eye treatment is one of the best ways to address visual impairment caused by cataracts, which can result in symptoms such as blurred or hazy vision, sensitivity to light, impaired night vision, and difficulty reading. The cost estimate for cataract surgery in Kolkata may vary depending on the type of surgery required and the best eye hospitals in Kolkata that offer coverage for cataract. The influence of these factors on the cost of cataract surgery necessitates the need for patients to get a price estimate.

Cataract surgery is typically performed one eye at a time, involving a microincision in the eye to remove the clouded lens and replace it with a clear one. An experienced eye doctor or ophthalmologist, plays a crucial role in the success of the surgery. Individuals with eye problems or injuries that affect their eye lens should undergo surgery to restore their visual clarity. For the best cost and to find the most suitable treatment procedures, individuals are encouraged to get in touch with us to discuss their cataract surgery options.

What is the cost of cataract surgery in Kolkata?

The cost of cataract surgery in Kolkata must be estimated, ranging from Rs 7,000 to Rs 100,000. The final price estimate for this eye surgery is influenced by various factors, including the type of surgery required, such as microincision cataract surgery or small incision cataract surgery, the choice of intraocular lens (IOL), and the patient's underlying medical conditions.

Cataract surgery is a common and necessary procedure in which the cloudy lens of the eye must be removed, making way for an artificial intraocular lens. This surgical intervention significantly affects the cost of cataract surgery. The choice of procedure, like laser surgery or traditional surgery, plays a crucial role in determining the final cost.

The main goal of this eye surgery is to improve vision and visual clarity. If left untreated, cataracts can severely impact one's eyesight. Therefore, it is essential to consult one of the best eye surgeons in Kolkata from Spectra Eye Hospital to determine the most suitable treatment. The use of advanced technology in cataract surgery, such as laser-assisted techniques, continues to enhance the success rate of the surgery, making it a safe and effective option for those seeking to restore their vision.

Approximate Cataract Surgery Cost in Kolkata:
Cataract Treatment Packages Starts7000
Foldable Lenses (Phaco+ IOL)7550
Foldable Progressive Lenses32400
B-Scan Ultrasonography1000
YAG Laser Capsulotomty1500
The Average Cost of Cataract Lens
Cataract LensCost of Cataract Lens
Indian Monofocal cost7000-16000
Foreign Monofocal cost18500-32000
Indian Toric Lens cost32500
Foreign Toric cost40500
Indian Trifocal lens cost50000-68000
Foreign Trifocal lens cost85000-120000

What are the types of cataract surgery?

Cataract surgery is commonly performed to restore the vision of those whose sight has been hindered by clouding in the lens of the eye. There are three predominant types of cataract surgery: phacoemulsification, extracapsular surgery, and laser-assisted cataract surgery.

  1. Phacoemulsification surgery: Phacoemulsification is the most commonly performed cataract surgery where ultrasonic devices are used to shatter the cloudy lens, which are then aspirated out of the eye. Cataracts are a condition where the lens of the eye becomes cloudy, resulting in blurred or reduced vision. This usually happens as a process of aging, but there are other factors that can cause cataract such as diabetes, prolonged use of corticosteroids, trauma, and smoking. In a phaco surgery, the surgeon first makes a small incision on the surface of the eye and then inserts a device that uses ultrasonic vibrations to break down the lens. The shattered lens fragments are then suctioned out through the same incision. The surgeon inserts an artificial intraocular lens in place of the removed natural lens which focuses light properly onto the retina, restoring clear vision.
    Phacoemulsification requires only a small incision, usually less than 3mm, resulting in quicker healing, minimal discomfort, and less chance of complications. It is usually done under local anesthesia and often the patient can go home the same day.

  2. Extracapsular surgery: Extracapsular surgical procedure involves removing the lens in one piece through a larger incision. The doctor uses surgical tools to remove the front capsule and the natural lens with the cataract, while leaving the back lens capsule intact to support the new artificial lens.
    This type of cataract treatment is used when phacoemulsification is not effective in breaking up a hard and mature cataract. To close the incision in the eye after cataract surgery, stitches are required.

  3. Laser-assisted cataract surgery: Lastly, laser-assisted cataract surgery utilizes a high-tech femtosecond laser instead of a traditional surgical tool to do the incisions. It also softens the cataract for removal and corrects astigmatism with more precision. Each of these techniques offers a unique benefit, tailored to the specific needs and conditions of the patient.
    Thus, the choice of surgery depends upon the eye specialist's assessment.

What is the cost of cataract lenses used in cataract treatment in Kolkata?

It totally depends from health providers but here is an estimate which can be approx something:

  1. Monofocal Lens: A monofocal lens provides clear vision at a single focal point, typically for distance vision.The cost of a monofocal lens used in cataract surgery in Kolkata can range from Rs. 7,500 to Rs. 15,500 for Indian lenses and Rs. 18,500 to Rs. 31,000 for foreign lenses.

  2. Toric Lens: Toric lenses are specifically designed to correct astigmatism along with cataract removal. The cost of toric lenses used in cataract surgery in Kolkata can range from Rs. 32,500 for Indian lenses to Rs. 40,500 for foreign lenses.

  3. Multifocal Trifocal Lens: Multifocal lenses offer multiple focal points, allowing clear vision at different distances. The cost of multifocal lenses used in cataract surgery in Kolkata can range from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 65,000 for Indian lenses and Rs. 85,000 to Rs. 1,00,000 for foreign lenses.
Also, you need to note that all the pricing of these lens are only estimate and can vary based on various factors such as the brand of lens it is, technology used and many more.

Factors that Influence the Cataract Surgery Cost In Kolkata

There are different types of cataract surgery procedures available, such as conventional cataract surgery, phacoemulsification (phaco), and laser-assisted cataract surgery. Each procedure has its own cost implications.
  1. Intraocular Lens (IOL) Selection: The type of intraocular lens chosen for the surgery can affect the overall cost. There are various options available, including monofocal lenses, toric lenses for astigmatism correction, and premium multifocal or trifocal lenses for enhanced vision at different distances.
  2. Hospital Facilities: The reputation and amenities provided by the hospital can also impact the cost. Higher-end facilities with advanced technology and experienced surgeons may have a slightly higher price tag.
  3. Additional Tests or Services: Depending on your specific case, additional tests or services may be required before or after the surgery. These could include pre-operative evaluation, diagnostic tests, or post-operative follow-up appointments. These extra services may add to the overall cost.
  4. Medical Insurance Coverage: Check if your medical insurance covers cataract surgery expenses. Some insurance policies may partially or fully cover the procedure, reducing your out-of-pocket expenses.

It is crucial to consult with your eye surgeon or hospital to get an accurate estimate of the cost based on your unique situation. They will consider factors like the severity of your cataracts, any associated eye conditions, and your specific requirements.

Remember that while cost is an important consideration, it should not be the sole factor in choosing a hospital or surgeon for cataract surgery. Quality of care, expertise of the surgical team, and the hospital's track record are equally vital when making your decision.

Investing in Your Vision

Cataract surgery is an investment in your vision and overall well-being. It can significantly improve your quality of life by restoring clear vision and reducing reliance on glasses or contact lenses. While the cost may seem daunting at first, it is important to prioritize your eye health and consult with professionals who can provide accurate information about the procedure's cost and benefits.

At Spectra Eye Hospital in Kolkata, we offer affordable cataract surgery options without compromising on quality and safety. Our experienced surgeons use state-of-the-art technology and techniques to ensure successful outcomes for our patients. If you're considering cataract surgery in Kolkata, contact Spectra Eye Hospital today for a consultation and personalized cost assessment. Our dedicated team is here to guide you through the process and help you make an informed decision about improving your vision.

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Modify your diet. Protection from Ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Stop smoking. Control your blood sugar. Avoid trauma. Avoid the unnecessary use of steroids. Visit your eye doctor.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

  • The cost of cataract surgery in Kolkata includes different components such as the surgery itself, which can be regular or laser, the cost of the lens which becomes a part of the eye after the removal of the cataract, the fees of the cataract surgeons, hospital fees, and sometimes the cost of additional treatments such as eye drops for post-surgery care.

  • Spectra Eye Hospital is home to a team of highly skilled and acclaimed cataract surgeons in Kolkata. To identify the best doctor for your specific needs, we recommend considering factors such as the doctor's extensive experience, qualifications, and patient reviews. Furthermore, we encourage you to obtain a cost estimate for the surgery from different doctors within our hospital, ensuring you can make an informed decision about your cataract surgery.

To obtain a cost estimate for cataract surgery at Spectra Eye Hospital in Kolkata, we recommend visiting our facility and speaking with our financial department. They will provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of the package, ensuring you have a clear understanding of what is included in the cost. Additionally, you can consult with our experienced cataract surgeons to gain insight into their charges. This will allow you to make an informed decision regarding your cataract surgery with us.

If a patient has other eye problems or an eye injury, the complexity of the cataract surgery may increase, which could add to the cost. For example, additional medication or more appointments may be required, which will increase the cost. It's always best to consult with the doctor to fully understand what the surgery will involve and the associated costs.


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