Advanced Retina Service

Here at Spectra Eye, we provide state of the art, comprehensive and all-inclusive treatment for retinal disorders.

Our team of experienced doctors ensure complete care for all patients. The range of services that are offered are:

  • Critical care & surgery for retinal detachment: This is an advanced and critical situation where a patient’s segment of the eye gets severed from the rest of its components, resulting in catastrophic outcomes when not treated efficiently.
  • Solving ocular trauma: In layman’s terms, we can understand this diseases by referring it to as a chemical or physical injury to the eye or its eye socket.
  • Tonometry and Iridology: These are complex medical exams required by professionals to understand key insights into a person’s difficulties.
  • Laser Retina Treatments: This involves an extremely well designed and calibrated set of procedures, only done by experts to ensure a speedy recovery for patients when the situation so demands.
  • Avastin Injections

Some of the day-to-day retinal services that we help cater to are:

  • Aiding retina problems caused due to diabetes
  • Tending to retinal detachment & tear
  • Degeneration of the macular muscles

Best Eye Care Hospital in Kolkata - Advanced Retina Services

Our expert doctors provide complete cyclical care and therapy for the patients, coupled with surgical management and constructive outcomes for even the most complex retinal diseases. If you are on the lookout for one of the best and most diversified and innovative retina specialists, look no further, Spectra Eye is the perfect fit for your and your family's needs. Our patients are deeply cared for and looked after. We help detect diseases at the early stages of their onset and help diagnose them in the best way possible. Please do visit us for more information, at any of our centres at Chinar Park and Madhyamgram.


  • 1. We offer state of the solution to art eye-related problems, no matter how complex they are. Our team of experts strive to their utmost to provide creative and constructive solutions to challenging problems.
  • 2. Timely detection of problems often saves one from unnecessary pain and trouble, and we aim to do the same. We take utmost care to try and detect problems while they are in the nascent stages to try and deliver speedy solutions for the same to prevent any future trouble and help the patient in the best manner possible.
  • 3. With two well-equipped centres we are often a preferred & trusted choice, and hold this immense responsibility very closely to our hearts and delivery 100% of effort to ensure world-class quality.

Best Eye Care Hospital in Kolkata - Spectra Eye Hospital

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Best Eye Care Hospital in Kolkata - Spectra Eye Hospital

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