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The cornea. i.e. the outermost layer of the eye, helps protect the iris and the pupil & helps regulate and focus light for the inner parts of the eyes.

It’s definitely a delicate part of the eye, and while small scuffs could be handled, any deep abrasions could lead to pain, cloudiness and a lot of general discomfort, and at the extreme loss of vision as well.

Here at Spectra Eye, we help the patients with innovative and carefully designed treatment procedures to give the best possible eye care and to help preserve their vision.

The types of diseases which afflict the cornea are as follows:

  • 1. Allergies: Pollen irritants can cause discomfort and even conjunctivitis.
  • 2. Keratitis: Known in layman's terms as the swelling of the cornea – these are generally caused due to problems in contact lenses.
  • 3. Dry eye: as the name speaks, this happens when the cornea fails to get the required amount of liquid required for its proper functioning.
  • 4. Clouding in the cornea is also a common problem

Corneal Disorders and their Treatments:

There a number of ways by which the cornea might be inflicted with disorders or discomfort. For example, wounds to the cornea can result in scars and contamination and infections. Particulates falling from the head might enter the eyes, thus affecting the cornea. Other acute problems might also be suffered in relation to this, such as Fuchs’ Dystrophy, Keratoconus & Pterygiums to name a few.

Some options at disposal to help cure the same are treatments that make use of the tissues extracted from the amniotic membrane, doing a corneal transplant, drops to soothe the eyes and even contact lenses might help in certain cases.

We at Spectra Eye help the patients and those afflicted with these discomforts with expert treatment and care and try our best to ensure a speedy and effective recovery for them.

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